Brown Monochrome Minimalist Desktop

I've really liked some of the minimalist setups on Lifehacker lately, so I decided to make my own. I like this because it's very easy on the eyes, especially compared to a setup with a lot of white, which can be very bright. Here's how I did it, though I'm sure you could get similar results with other OSs / Linux… » 6/16/13 11:42pm 6/16/13 11:42pm

definitely. for a while, i used a dresser that conveniently happened to be the appropriate height for the keyboard, but I ended up slouching because the laptop screen was too low. i just bought a wireless keyboard, and i'm now in the process of building myself a desk that will be the same height as the dresser i have… » 6/15/13 3:27pm 6/15/13 3:27pm